Saturday, September 01, 2012

Forget the iPhone 5 – grab the Goophone I5

While there is still plenty of time before Apple officially launched the next iPhone, that’s not stopping a Chinese firm in Hong Kong from putting out its own bizarre hybrid phone, dubbed the Goophone I5.

The Goophone matches most of the design parts that were leaked in recent weeks, including the design of the rear cover. But the knockoff phone bundles with Google’s Android OS instead of iOS, bringing the two giants together in a jade garden of peace and tranquility. That last part might just be in my head btw.

The website doesn’t disclose many technical details about the Goophone, however it does feature a factory tour video with hundreds of workers merrily putting together the Goophone. Probably the best part though is their advert for the phone, which shows it being held up by proud workers as some sort of beacon of justice.

Your move Apple…

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