Monday, September 03, 2012

Samsung strands bloggers in Berlin for not promoting products

Fresh out of their battle with Apple, Samsung are once again going to make news thanks to some rather unweildly behavior on their part.

A lengthy article published today by The Next Web recounts how two bloggers from India were invited to the IFA conference in Berlin, and were then casually told by Samsung that they were to wear a special Samsung uniform and promote Samsung products to members of the press at the show. Essentially, be booth boys.

This of course, didn’t go down well with the bloggers involved, who had previously clearly stated to Samsung that they would be attending IFA to cover Samsung products as well as other products at the show, and not be doing any kind of product demonstrations. So what did Samsung PR end up doing? According to one of the bloggers Clinton Jeff, Samsung simply stated that the bloggers would have to bear the costs for their hotel, and that their return flights would be cancelled. Having little choice in the matter, the bloggers agreed to attend one of Samsung’s events but refrained from doing any of the aforementioned product demos. But the silver lining to the story is that in the end, Nokia swooped in to rescue the two bloggers by arranging hotel and tickets home so that they could cover the rest of the show.

Read the entire account here and follow Clinton Jeff on Twitter here.

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