Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fujitsu releases new product range designed for women

IF you’re looking for a laptop, you’d traditionally look at features such as storage space, processor speed, connectivity, and how heavy the thing is.

Fujitsu on the other hand, seem to think that they’ve got a new angle on the computer market, by designing a PC range that’s exclusively targeted to women. Dubbed the Floral Kiss” range, the lineup was designed by the help of Fujitsu’s own female employees. This is clearly evident on Fujitsu’s website, which states The top casing has been constructed with an elegant and refined gradation with gold trim, and it features a flip latch that can easily open the displayâ€"even by users with long fingernails.”

Yes people, your fingernails will thank you. The device also features a floral motif” for the air vents, and gold accents on the keys.

Check out the entire press release here.

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