Monday, October 22, 2012

Middle East companies embracing remote access solutions

At Gitex last week, I had an opportunity to sit down with Noman Qadir, Regional Director Middle East & Africa, Citrix Systems. We spoke mainly about a very interesting survey that Citrix had done recently about the UAE workforce, in which it was found that more people were applying to companies that offered flexible work environments. This meant that an employee could work comfortably from home while still putting in the same effort and number of hours that they would do if working from an office desk. However only 46% of respondents said that their current employer had adapted the technology to allow them to work from home.

I think there’s some confusion about the word ‘cloud’ and that has led to a bit of confusion about enabling mobile work styles. Today end users are demanding it, and if you look at the number of devices people carry around, that means that IT Departments are under tremendous pressure to cater to these different devices.” said Mr. Qadir

On the other hand, you have some companies that are pioneers – some educational institutes and government entities have taken the first plunge and have seen the benefits in moving to desktop virtualization. Some of the challenges in the region of course have been around infrastructure and things like the quality of internet connection and bandwidth. Having said that, this is where Citrix shines [...] our first parameter that we look for when selling a solution is to ensure that the end-user experience does not get compromised. We’re seeing a transition and a phenomenal interest in making this happen, so I only see the trend going upwards in an exponential manner.”

Listen to the entire interview below:

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