Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Found the oldest Port in the World

Archaeologists found the oldest port in the world. The ports are found on the shores of the Red Sea, which is believed 4,500 years old and was active at the time of Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops).

Archaeologists believe that the ports are found are found to be the most important at the time of Ancient Egypt. Port is used to assist the transport of copper and other minerals to the Sinai Peninsula.

Reported the Daily Mail, Tuesday (16/04/2013), the port is found built in the region named Wadi al-Jarf, 180 miles south of the Suez Canal. This port allegedly 1,000 years older than any port structures in the world.

Together with the discovery of the port, the researchers also found 40 papyrus which gives an overview of life in ancient Egypt during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu.

Papyrus uncover clues for workers at the port to get bread and beer. Papyrus also reveal Merrer activities involved in the construction of the Pyramids of Giza, Khufu grave.

"He reported his journey to the land of limestone to obtain materials used to build the pyramids," said Mohhamed Ibrahim, Egypt's Minister of Culture.

"Although we are not going to learn anything from the construction of this monument Cheops, this note presents a first insight on this subject," added Ibrahim. Researchers involved in the discovery of this port comes from the French Archaeological Agency

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