Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Congressman Weiner Catching Heat Over Tweet


COMMENTARY | Frankly, this story burns me over a hot grill. Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., is in the metaphorical bun warmer this week after someone used his Twitter account to send a picture of a man's underwear-clad "frontal area" to a college woman. The photo, reportedly sent by Weiner, though he denies it, suggests the owner (or possibly just wearer) of the underwear, is sporting more sausage, than wiener, prompting longtime friend comedian Jon Stewart to remark with relish, "His **** just ain't that big. It can't be." The congressman denies sending the photo, saying that someone must have hacked his Twitter account.

What rakes me over the coals on this story is the fact anyone thinks it's a story. (Yes, I do know I am perpetuating it by writing about it.) I think probably Weiner took the photo and sent it to the girl himself. He's a powerful 46-year-old man with an eye for the ladies and a lot to lose if caught philandering.

In 2010 as the virtual toast of the town, he married Hillary Clinton's aide, Huma Abedin, (with Bill Clinton officiating) 10 years his junior. So basically, the story is that a powerful, middle-aged guy who married late, spent a year adjusting to married life, went looking for a little fun online and found it. What's the story? He didn't even have the meatballs to send an uncovered picture, like so many other guys online do every day. So what he sent is the equivalent of a picture of the New York's Naked Man's jockey shorts to a young woman in the hopes of impressing her, and instead, ended up in the bun warmer.

I don't know very many men, me included, who wouldn't lie in the same situation. Philandering is a learning experience, and early on, you get caught. That's part of the deal. I don't care if my government representatives are human. I don't care if powerful men lie about sex or sexuality. That's between them and their wives.

It never occurred to me that they might all be hung like Ken dolls. All I care about is whether they are doing the job they were hired to do. The rest is just a dog and pony show and frankly, it's taking up too much of much of my news cycle.

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