Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Great Tech Gifts for Dad on Father's Day


The techie dad in your life will love a gift that shows you really care about him on Father's Day. With so many great gadgets to choose from, how do you pick the best gift for your dad? Here are five great picks to get you started and make your father happy this year.


Whether your dad golfs religiously every week or just occasionally with his work buddies, he's going to love playing around with his SkyCaddie. In fact, it will give him an excuse to go golfing more often and he'll have you to thank for that.

There's a reason SkyCaddie is ranked #1 in rangefinders for golfers everywhere. These top of the line GPS rangefinders can give you real-time distance and information on any golf course in the world. They range from about $120-300 depending on the model you choose so you can find a SkyCaddie in your price range with the features that your dad will love.

SkyCaddie takes all of the mystery out of your golf game and allows amateurs and pros alike to own their game. And let's face it; they are also awesome to play around with.


If your dad still hasn't broken into the world of Smartphones, it's time to bring him into 2011. If he has one already, maybe it's time for an upgrade. Smartphones today bring us more than ever before and you can now check emails, browse the Internet, watch videos, text at lightning speed and more. You can even get Smartphones with prepaid or pay-as-you-go plans if you don't want to deal with a commitment or contract. An updated Smartphone makes the perfect daddy-gift.

Cell Phone Speakers/Docks

No great cell phone is complete without a great set of cell phone speakers or a docking station. Depending on the type of phone you have, you can purchase speakers or a docking station for $20-100. You can plug your phone in and use it as an MP3 player, watch movies or your favorite shows and more. Your cell phone becomes an even better media device when you can plug it in to great speakers to boost the sound.

Sony PSP

The battle is on for handheld gaming devices but the Sony PSP is far from child's play. Available for about $130, your dad can take 135 games and more than 430 feature films, TV programs, and videos on UMD from major studios and record labels, as well as downloadable content with him wherever he goes. How cool is that?

Long Lasting PDA

A great PDA means dad will never forget an appointment, whether for a business meeting or dinner with mom. PDAs have come a long way and you can now find them with built-in GPS, Wi-Fi and more. Stay in contact, synch with your computer or cell phone and keep track of business and personal records with a long-lasting, updated PDA. You can purchase an excellent top of the line PDA with all the features for $200-400 that will last dad for years. He will no longer have an excuse for forgetting things.

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