Friday, October 07, 2011

Alibaba is very interested in buying Yahoo

Rumors that Yahoo will sell the more powerful by a statement from the CEO of Alibaba that it is very interested in Yahoo. "We are very, very interested in buying Yahoo," said Jack Ma, Alibaba CEO and chairman.

Jack Ma even added that they are eager to buy Yahoo but overall Terhadang by the complexity of the process to be executed. This is because there are many 'players' who will be involved.

Alibaba is a web-based company established in China in 1998. This large group has a lot of services such as retail & payment platforms, shopping search engines, and cloud computing services.

Alibaba Group owns tens of thousands of workers in some 70 cities and offices scattered in various countries including Britain and the United States, as quoted by VentureBeat on Monday (3/10/2011).

Yahoo and Alibaba is not a new friend. Both of these large companies have formed a partnership since many years ago.

In August 2005, Yahoo has announced a strategic relationship with the Alibaba Group in China. Under the agreement Yahoo Yahoo gave China its business to

Both parties work together to build and even then Yahoo brand in China with the goal to create the largest web property in there. Internet giant has also invested $ 1 billion and has a stake of 40% so that the positioning Yahoo as the biggest investor in

Yahoo's own position more unstable since the sacking of former CEO Yaoo, Carol Bratz.

Apart from Alibaba, the parties reportedly interested in buying Yahoo is Microsoft. Earlier this month, Yahoo also rumored to be merger or acquisition talks with Aol.

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