Saturday, October 08, 2011

Japanese Create Casing Phone Radiation Supervisors

Casing or cover a smartphone that can monitor levels of radiation to be one of the many results of the development of technologies that draw attention to the event CEATEC, Japan's largest electronics exhibition.

Is NTT DoCoMo, Japan's number one operator who exhibit these findings. Public fears over the impact of radioactive compounds leak from a nuclear power plant (NPP) Fukushima into their backgrounds to develop these technologies.

As is known, the earthquake and tsunamis that hit Japan last March has helped damage the Fukushima nuclear power plant. In many ways, the Japanese government to seek every means to at least reduce the levels of radiation.

In order to facilitate any measure radiation levels, NTT DoCoMo had the idea to apply the radiation monitoring equipment in the casing a smartphone. How does it work?

Reported by the Telegraph and was quoted on Wednesday (05/10/2011), this case works in unison with an application that allows users to combine the results of radiation readings with the GPS data to mark the area that has a high radiation content.

Assistant Manager communications software development division of NTT DoCoMo Kouki Hayashi said, scientists at the company is still looking for ways so that the device could be used easily and effectively.

"Still in development stage. However one example of this invention can later be easily used, for example by a mother to measure the radiation in the park where children play or across the path of their sons and daughters when they go to school," he explained.

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