Sunday, October 02, 2011

More Fake iPhone Similar Original Products

IPhone fake products are now scattered on the black market and internet. Recently, Chinese police have arrested five people suspected of making and selling fake iPhones.

This gang is alleged to have bought the iPhone's mobile component of Guangdong, the southern city of China, and then assembles them in an apartment in Shanghai. In raids, the Chinese police found 200 fake iPhone.

Interestingly, this fake iPhone uses some components that are similar to Apple's. Functions in this bogus iPhone was the same as the original. Only, the shorter the battery usage.

"It's very difficult for consumers to differentiate between fake and genuine," said one investigator.

fake iPhone with a production cost of 313 U.S. dollars are offered on the black market and internet at a price slightly cheaper than the original. The price is roughly around 4,000 yuan or about 626 U.S. dollars per unit. Apple itself is still silent in this case.

Clearly, this case adds to a long list of intellectual property rights violations committed in China. This Asian giant has been repeatedly criticized for the widespread violation of intellectual property rights.

Many of the piracy of intellectual property rights of famous brands. Pirated goods is very easily found in stores in major cities

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