Sunday, August 12, 2012

Is Microsoft calling Metro ‘Modern UI’?

After citing discussion with an important European partner”, Microsoft decided to disassociate the ‘Metro’ name from Windows 8 (the retailer has a similar name). Since then, the Cupertinos are confused what to call the operating system’s new titled UI.

ZDnet recently reported that ‘Metro-styled applications’ would become ‘Windows 8 applications’ and the ‘Metro user interface’ would be called ‘Windows 8 user interface’, however, The Verge’s weekend finding suggest that Microsoft is going for a completely different appellation.

A series of Microsoft Events and MSN Blogs are referencing the new interface as ‘Modern UI’, including variations such as ‘Modern UI Style apps’ and even ‘Modern UI-Style UI’.

Microsoft were to decide the new term for its interface end of last week, but have not announced anything on that front yet. So far, the company has provided only the following statement regarding the matter to Neowin:

We have used Metro style as a code name during the product development cycle across many of our product lines. As we get closer to launch and transition from industry dialog to a broad consumer dialog we will use our commercial names.”

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