Thursday, August 09, 2012

Wow! Facebook becomes Online Gambling Sites

Facebook will allow users to use the British real money while playing the game of gambling that utilizes social networking platform.

This exit permit after Facebook opened the doors of cooperation with game developers Gamesys to launch an online version of the game Bingo gambling. Later, users are aged over 18 can play with real money.

"The game of online gambling with real money, including the popular and in accordance with the rules in the UK then we berpatner with game developers to bring it on Facebook, which is specifically reserved for adult members. So it is safe and can be well controlled," Facebook explained in a statement.

Meanwhile, Facebook spokesman added by Linda Griffin, although the game will open up online gambling with real money in the UK, make sure not to open up similar platforms in other countries and other game developer studio.

Unfortunately, Grifin reluctant to disclose information about how the portion of the distribution of the results obtained by Facebook from these online gambling games.

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