Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cara Mengetahui Cek NomorSendiri kartu Simpati AS XL Indosat Im3 Axis Three Smart Fren

Kartu Telkomsel ( Simpati dan AS )
Ketik :     *808#  kemudian tekan tombol Call

Kartu XL
Ketik :     *123*7*1*1*1#  kemudian tekan tombol Call

Kartu Indosat ( Im3 dan Mentari )
Ketik :     *777*8#  kemudian tekan tombol Call

Kartu Axis
Ketik :     *2#  kemudian tekan tombol Call

Kartu Three
Ketik :     *998#  kemudian tekan tombol Call

Kartu Smart
Ketik :     *551# kemudian tekan tombol Call

Kartu Fren
Untuk fren caranya adalah dengan cara mengirimkan sms, formatnya ketik : STATUS dan kirim ke 551, dan akan ada balasan ” Anda berada dalam layanan selular dengan nomor aktif 0888xxx”.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Unsur Oksigen Ditemukan pada 1774

Oksigen atau zat asam adalah unsur kimia dalam sistem tabel periodik yang mempunyai lambang O dan nomor atom 8. Ia merupakan unsur golongan kalkogen dan dapat dengan mudah bereaksi dengan hampir semua unsur lainnya (utamanya menjadi oksida). Pada Temperatur dan tekanan standar, dua atom unsur ini berikatan menjadi dioksigen, yaitu senyawa gas diatomik dengan rumus O2 yang tidak berwarna, tidak berasa, dan tidak berbau. Oksigen merupakan unsur paling melimpah ketiga di alam semesta berdasarkan massa dan unsur paling melimpah di kerak Bumi.

Adalah Joseph Priestley (13 Maret 1733 - 6 Februari 1804) seorang filosofi dan ahli kimia berkebangsaan Inggris yang menemukan unsur Oksigen. Penemuan Priestley di hari ini pada 1774, membuktikan penemuan unsur kimia ini yang sebelumnya telah dilakukan oleh Carl Wilhelm Scheele.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lumba-Lumba memanggil sesama temannya dengan nama

Ilmuwan menemukan bukti bahwa lumba-lumba memanggil sesama temannya dengan nama. Penemuan mengungkap mamalia laut tersebut menggunakan siulan unik untuk mengidentifikasi satu sama lain.

Tim dari Universitas St Andrews di Skotlandia menemukan ketika hewan tersebut mendengar panggilan mereka diulangi, mereka meresponnya. Studi tersebut dipublikasikan dalam jurnal Pengetahuan Akademi Nasional.

"Lumba-lumba hidup di lingkungan tiga dimensi, mereka di lepas pantai dan butuh tetap bersama-sama sebagai kelompok," ujar peneliti Vincent Janik dikutip BBC.

Ilmuwan sudah lama menduga lumba-lumba menggunakan peluit khas dalam banyak cara yang sama seperti manusia menggunakan nama. Penelitian sebelumnya menemukan panggilan tersebut sering digunakan dan lumba-lumba di kelompok yang sama mampu belajar dan menyalin suara yang tidak biasa. Namun, ini merupakan pertama kalinya hewan tersebut diidentifikasi menggunakan panggilan 'nama'.

Untuk meneliti, para peneliti mencatat sekelompok lumba-lumba liar, menangkap suara tanda masing-masing hewan. Mereka kemudian menerima panggilan kembali menggunakan speaker bawah air. Para peneliti menemukan individu hanya merespon panggilan mereka sendiri.

Tim percaya lumba-lumba bertindak seperti manusia yakni ketika mereka mendengar nama mereka, mereka menjawab. Janik mengatakan keterampilan ini mungkin muncul untuk membantu binatang tetap bersama-sama dalam sebuah kelompok di habitat bawah air mereka yang luas.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let's roads to Mount Fuji With Google Street View

Not the first time Google invites Internet users 'streets' explore interesting places in the world. Google is now re-invites Internet users to conquer Mount Fuji through the touch of a fingertip.
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Search one of the famous icons in Japan and included in the world heritage site which has been confirmed by UNESCO in June. Until now, Mount Fuji is one of the active volcanoes crowded in the summer (around July to September).

To perpetuate the hiking trail along the 3,776 meters, the team uses Google Street View Trekker. Like the search results at other locations, you also can see a 360 degree view around Mount Fuji. As reported by Ubergizmo page on Wednesday (07/24/2013).

There are more than 14,000 images depicting panoramic views of the surrounding mountains which became one of the UNESCO world heritage site. The presence of Google Street View lets you explore Mt Fuji even when entering the winter.

Previously Google has also browse the Galapagos Islands, and the Burj Khalifa using Street View. Last week Google also provides an online exploration of romantic locations, the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Staring at the Future of Cloud Computing

These days, nearly everyone knows that the cloud is one of the major trends that drive komputansi for this decade. According to Forrester research institute, the global cloud market is expected to grow from U.S. $ 40.7 billion in 2011 to more than U.S. $ 241 billion in 2020, meaning an increase of over 600%.

Cloud was already accepted in everyday conversation - we no longer suppose it's a matter of what cloud and what are the benefits, now being discussed are practical things about how to achieve the vision of the ideal cloud.

One of the concepts in the past year a lot of attention is the hybrid cloud.

A service that combines private and public cloud, hybrid cloud is the next step when we talk about the cloud. A hybrid cloud is designed to allow the company leverages the scalability and cost efficiencies of public cloud service, while maintaining data governance, security and control of a private cloud service.

When constructed properly, hybrid cloud provides a strategic advantage to the business by diverting resources from IT procurement fragmented into service innovation. When you give birth to a hybrid environment in which existing services talk to each other - not just a stand-alone - then you will build a rich fabric of services and attractive to users, both customers, internal or services that can be accessible to the public.

Open the Future

We believe the best way to implement this vision is to open a hybrid cloud.

What is an Open Hybrid Cloud is not just a technology or specification. It's more than just partners mutually announced their support for a particular technology platform, and proposes an open standard format to the agency.

Open Hybrid Cloud is a vision of creating an open cloud environment to achieve the flexibility, portability and innovation.

We believe, Open Hybrid Cloud has the following characteristics:

Nature of Open Source

Do not want to lock in a business and technology roadmap of specific IT vendors? If you want to have control over your IT destiny and have full knowledge of the technology behind your business, obviously there is no option other than Open Source.

Open Source allows you to collaborate and connect with the passionate community that will encourage innovation and leadership. This rapid innovation can be a strategic advantage for your company.

Community has a rich, robust and independent

Open Source is not merely a matter of license code or technology - the heart is the people behind it.

Open Source Community provides a structure and network rich environment that can be used by companies as well as cooperative. Open Source communities form the basis of a large pool of skilled IT workers, often with a larger size than those in proprietary and closed environment. The idea of ​​the Open Source community is also growing into a corporate environment - where customers, partners and vendors work together to innovate and bring forth ideas to address the challenges of existing business and future.

Could be put on the infrastructure you want

Cloud services are abstractions of the layer below it: virtualization, storage, networking, etc.. Should not be tied to a particular vendor's technology infrastructure.

In fact, the open structure is very important in delivering hybrid cloud services is tough and physical server infrastructure includes a variety of different, many virtualization platforms and various types of public cloud services.

Based on open standards is independent in its application

In order to have full flexibility, interoperability approach should not be tied to a particular platform that is controlled by a particular vendor.

Furthermore, an Open Hybrid Cloud services should be expanded with an open API that also are not controlled by a particular vendor. It enables users to add features, suppliers and technologies from a variety of sources and vendors. Flexibility and freedom to choose is the key of the Open Hybrid Cloud.

Allows full portability to another cloud

If you are developing applications for the cloud service, you should not have to rewrite it with a different language or use a different API now want to move to another service.

A framework for Open Hybrid Cloud will ensure that the testing and re-qualification will not be required each time you want to bring it to other service applications. Investment that has been spent on developing a cloud services - code, data, framework - should be moved to another place, resulting in cost savings.


The above reasons are why the future will komputansi cloud services running in the open.

The first step to reach Open Hybrid Cloud is available today, called OpenStack.

Began to attend since the end of last year, precisely in September 2012, under the care of a non-profit organization OpenStack Foundation, OpenStack is a global community of software developers who collaborate on an open standard cloud computing platform for public services, private and hybrid cloud.

Until now, there are more than 7,000 individual members from 100 countries and 850 different organizations, are contributing to OpenStack, including companies such as Red Hat, HP and IBMI.

In short, the cloud will change the future komputansi - he is open and already there now.

* About the Author: Damien Wong was General Manager, ASEAN, Red Hat

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Indonesian scientists Brain Scanner Showcase World's First 4D

  Indonesian scientists, Warsito P Taruno, scanners exhibiting brain activity in the world's first creations. He presented his creation at the International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging IEEE held in San Francisco, United States, 7 to 13 April 2013.

Warsito brain oemindai creation tool called 4D Brain Electrical Activity-based Scanner Capacitance Volume Tomography (ECVT). The tool has been patented in the world WIPO patent agency / PTO in 2006. IEEE itself is a professional scientific organization consisting of 425,000 people.

"ECVT used to measure electrical signals generated from human brain activity and reconstruct a volumetric image and brain activity," said in a release received Warsito, Friday (04/12/2013).

"This is the first technology in the world who can do a scan of the human brain activity and real time 4D, which can be used to help conduct a study of the human brain," imbub Warsito.

The Denganalat, abnormalities in the human brain can be seen. Warsito said, of abnormalities that can idketahui whether a person has certain diseases, such as epilepsy and Alzheimer's.

Warsito is Executive Director CTECH Edwar Technology Labs, a research institute located in Alam Sutera, Tangerang Selatan, which is focused on the development of scanning technology that supports the medical world.

In the symposium International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, Warsito is the only speaker of Indonesia. Only a handful of speakers came from Asia. Total, there are 371 papers were presented from 700 applicants from around the world.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Research: Antarctic Ice Melt Faster

CANBERRA - Melting ice in the summer in Antarctica has reached its highest in a thousand years, say researchers from Australia and the UK on Monday (15/4). That new evidence on the impact of global warming on the Antarctic ice sheet is sensitive.

Researchers from the Australian National University and Antarctic Research-UK, dambil data obtained from ice cores show the summer melting occurs 10 times more powerful in the last 50 years, compared to 600 years ago. "This is strong evidence that climate change has made changes in Antarctica," said lead researcher Nerilie Abram.

Abram and his team drilled deep as 364 meters to reach the ice core in the James Ross Island, at the northern tip of the peninsula Antartka to measure the temperature history and compare it with the rate of ice melt in the summer in the region. They found evidence that the ice temperature slowly rose as much as 1.6 degrees over 600 years and the melting of ice on average stronger in the last 50 years.

This indicates that melting ice can increase dramatically depending on the weather when the temperature reaches the point. "By the time the weather reaches above the level of achievement of zero degrees, the amount of melt that will occur is extremely sensitive face temperature rise that may occur," said Abram.

The research Robert Mulvaney of the British Antarctic-said, may be the biggest melting glaciers and avalanche kehilangaan cause of the Antarctic ice sheet in the last 50 years. Results were published in the journal Nature Geoscience.