Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Apple could soon be raking in trillions

James Altucher, Formula Capital managing director, believes that Apple soon could be raking in trillions of dollars as the company continues to achieve its steady height of awesomeness. He didn’t say ‘awesomeness’ but he seems pretty excited in the interview with Business Insider.

Altucher says that demand for iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will go through the roof for Apple, and the Cupertinos could likely become the first ever company to hit trillion – $2 to $3 trillion at that.

He also says that Jobs eventual departure won’t have that much of an impact as many analysts expect. Innovators like Tim Cook, he says, will keep the flame of the iDevices going.

For Apple to reach trillion, however, the company’s market capitalization has to hit $1000, from $320 billion that it is currently at. A long shot, but hey, it’s Apple, they seem to possess magic, according to a recent Steve Job presentation.

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