Friday, May 06, 2011

Apple iPad factory workers forced to sign anti-suicide contracts

According to a report from DailyMail, Foxconn, the infamous Chinese manufacturing company, has implemented forced “anti-suicide” contracts for its employees.

The contract, which is mandatory, states that if the agreed terms are broken, the family of the deceased are only entitled to the legal minimum in damages.

The move comes after repeated suicides at the factory due to extremely poor working conditions. According to the article, workers are forced to work nearly 100 hours of overtime in a month, and even worse when Apple products are at their peak of demand. During the release of the iPad, workers were only made to take one day off in 13 days. Workers are made to stand up for 12 hours a day, and are not allowed to utter even a single word to each other. Poor performing works would be humiliated in front of colleagues.

However, nothing seems to be done to actually improve the working conditions and quality of lives of the workers.

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