Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Micro Four Thirds System aggressively Camera Market

First time introduced to the public, Micro Four Thirds system was successfully captured the attention of the camera vendors and consumers. According to Jerry Aurum, a professional photographer who also had a jury Caraka Creative Festival, this system is a system that takes the cake portion of the fastest compared to other systems.

Micro Four Thirds System presents a smaller camera body because it eliminates the mirror in it. The lenses can be exchanged with lenses from other vendors that use a similar system.

Besides smaller in terms of body, a camera that uses this system also promises quality images with great resolution. Yes, a camera that uses this system is promising as short as a pocket camera body but the quality that rivals a DSLR.

"So far the Micro Four Thirds system has mastered 38% of the market in just two years. There never was a system that accounted for a cake as fast as that," Jerry said when talking with the Epicentrum Walk, Rasuna, Jakarta, Saturday (3 / 11 / 2011).

"When his appearance he had reached 2% of the market, then 17% in a year. The system is undermined pocket and SLR," said a figure that has spawned two books and known for his photographs that decorate many major media.

Until now many camera vendors who implement the system in addition to the four thirds Olympus and Panasonic as the originator of this system.

Only the Canon which, according to Jerry has not seen the signs would issue a similar camera. "I really have not seen the Canon will issue a camera system is yes," he said after the workshop in the event the On | Off today.

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