Thursday, December 01, 2011

Police Robot Replace Task Prison Warden

Pohang, South Korea - Robot with sensors that can detect suspicious behavior will be present at the detention center in South Korea (ROK). Duties, patrolling supervise the prisoners who tried to escape.

Designed to replace duty prison guard, which was developed robots group of scientists in South Korea are part of the project the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the Ministry of Justice of the South to swallow up funds of up to one billion won.

Reported by the Telegraph, Friday (11/25/2011), 1.5-meter-high robot and walk on four wheels will be more frequently used at night. These robots can connect inmates with prison officials over the function of long-distance conversation.

There are sensors that allow the robot to detect unusual behavior of the prisoners. In addition to reporting the prisoners who intend to escape, this robot can also be reported if there are prisoners who would conduct suicide or violence.

"We're almost finished creating the key operating system. Now we are trying to make it look more friendly," said one scientist robot development team, Professor Good-Chul Lee of Kyonggi University.

He continued, when the development was completed, the three robots will be tested in the detention area of ​​Pohang, South Korea.

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