Monday, January 23, 2012

GMail Accessible Without Internet Connection

Gmail email service from Google, available in the offline version. This allows Gmail users to access email without internet access.

It's easy, open the Chrome Web Store with Google Chrome browser. Select the application called Offline Google Mail (Beta).

If the trouble, could use a search engine that is in the top left and type in the keyword Offline Google Mail.

After emerging, click "add to chrome" then pop up the installation of the application will appear. Click "install" and the application will be installed Offline Gmail in your browser.

If you want to try his abilities, disconnect all Internet access, and open a new tab in Chrome browser. Click the Offline Google Mail application icon.

Well, if successful, will open your email in offline format. You can read emails, organize emails into specific folders, or delete the emails that are no longer important, all without needing internet access.

Offline Gmail works only in browsers Chrome and can only be used for email management. You should still need Internet access to send emails or reply to emails.

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