Sunday, January 29, 2012

There Is No Negative Impact Report of Solar Storms

Following the occurrence of natural phenomena Solar Storm that occurred on Monday (23 / 1), has not reported any disruption or significant impact on the activity of the earth.

Peak solar storm that occurred at 10:59 o'clock in Indonesia this time its impact was observed on Tuesday (24 / 1) at 21.00 pm.

However, based on the monitoring of astronomers, both internationally and by the National Aeronautics and Space Institute (LAPAN), no serious impact. As of Thursday (26 / 1) has not been any report regarding a significant impact related to this phenomenon.

"In general storms can be classified high-strength," said analyst Astronomy LAPAN, Thomas Djamaludin Republika confirmed.

Previously, Solar Storms is touted quite strong enough. Explosion flare M8-9 scale was the strongest since May 2005. Although classified as middle-class storm, but will have an impact if it leads to the earth.

According to Thomas, based on the international observation of solar storms today classified as middle class. It could affect the magnetic field in Earth's polar regions.

The impact of these storms resulted in the phenomenon of the aurora on Earth's polar regions. "But the impact is not to interfere with the communication network or result in damage to the electrical grid," he continued.

This can be seen from the physical parameters that occurred following the observation of this phenomenon. But after this period is exceeded, everything is back to normal.

"It means that all the researchers on this earth already anticipating the impacts expected to affect the activity of the earth," said Thomas.

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