Sunday, January 15, 2012

Your World, Create a Google Search More Personal

Google will provide a more personalized search results by taking the content from Google +, including photos, news and comments were posted on social networking.

Service called Google as Search, Plus Your World will feature more content for users who log in to your Google account, providing access to information that may never be stored or posted the user or a friend on Google +.

If someone does a search with the keyword 'dog' for example, her dog photo or Google + friends will appear in the top row of the search results.

"At Google, we always want to deliver the most comprehensive and relevant answers from each of the questions you," said Google spokesman Amit Singhal.

"This is the first time we present personalized content directly to the search page," he added as quoted by the Washington Post, Wednesday (11/01/2012).

As the number one search engine in the world, Google seeks to maintain its dominance of competitors such as Microsoft Bing is now holding up.

Last year, Bing began to display data from Facebook such as restaurants, a brand and a friend recommended links on search results.

Facebook alone currently has more than 800 million members. While Google + until October last year 'only' 40 million. That is, Google still had to fight extra for their personal search results may exceed duo Bing-Facebook.

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