Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding Apps Offer News, History and Multimedia to Fans


Royal Weddings, an official Royal Collection App was featured on April 6 on the Royal Wedding website. This app joined a few other notable options for users of tablets, smart phones and the iTouch. Each application has enough original content to merit a download instead of employing a pick and choose approach.

Royal Weddings

The official Royal Wedding app is by Antenna Audio, Inc. and carries a price tag of $2.99 ( £1.79). If any non-productivity related application is worth a monetary investment, this is the one. It features video commentaries on each major royal wedding since the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert on February 10, 1840. The videos have an average run time of two minutes and feature trivia about each occasion. A noted example is the fact that slices of Queen Victoria's wedding cake are still in existence inside of specially designed boxes.

Photo galleries built into the app feature images used within the videos and a couple dozen additional photos. Seeing memorabilia outside of the narrated videos is a wonderful bonus as it allows for maximum zooming while maintaining clarity. This capability allows app users to view the detail and craftsmanship present in the wedding artifacts at their leisure. A prime example is present in "The Form of Morning Prayer" book presented to Victoria and Albert. Zooming in exposes the intricately crafted cherubs and clasped hands that make up the clasp of the book.

NBC Royal Wedding App

NBC's free app contribution to iTunes and the Android marketplace will be a handy resource for Americans tuning in for the Royal Wedding. It features a practical minute by minute breakdown of the itinerary for the big day with both London and Eastern Standard time listings. There are also video, text and photo galleries focused on various wedding topics such as the royal jewels, the current engagement and the soon-to-be bride and groom.

BBC American Royal Wedding Insider

Unfortunately, BBC America's free app for Apple and Android systems will be a bit lacking for many users. It launches with a loud pop song and the flashing names of several companies who helped finance the app. Its main features are designed to benefit those who want to stay informed of upcoming BBC airings related to the Royal family and who want to preview gowns and other offerings supplied by "Brides" magazine.

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