Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sony getting sued over PSN data breach

Apparently the first lawsuit is hereby knocking SCEA’s doors, as the electronics giant is getting sued over the ongoing PlayStation Network breach.

The lawsuit was filed against the corporation by Kristopher Johns from Birmingham, Alabama, allegedly for failing to take “reasonable care to protect, encrypt, and secure the private and sensitive data of its users.”

Johns, 36, he demands in his lawsuit free credit monitoring and monetary compensation. Moreover, he seeks to hoist the suit to class action status.

“This action arises from SONY’s failure to maintain adequate computer data security of consumer personal data and financial data, including, but not limited to credit card data and the reasonably foreseeable exploitation of such inadequate security at defendant SONY by computer ‘hackers,’ causing the compromise of the privacy of private information of approximately seventy-seven (77) Million consumer credit card account holders,” reads the lawsuit.

“Plaintiff is informed and believes that this breach of security was caused by SONY’s negligence in data security, including its failure to maintain a proper firewall and computer security system, failure to properly encrypt data, its unauthorized storage and retention of data, its violation of Payment Card Industry Data Standard(s) and rules and regulations it was bound to obey for the benefit of consumers concerning the storage of consumers’ private identifying transaction and credit card information, and its violation of California laws requiring the implementation and maintenance of security for customer information.”

The story derives right following an overwhelming setback to Sony after a weeklong of network outage.

The company came clean yesterday and warned its PSN users that their personal information, along with addresses, customer names, e-mail addresses, account’s passwords and perhaps credit card information may have been illegally obtained by an “unauthorized person”.

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