Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Amazon announced it will acquire The Book Depository

Amazon announced it will acquire The Book Depository, the British online book store that sells more than 6 million titles and sent to over 100 countries.

The Book Depository on its website claiming to be an online book stores are experiencing the fastest growth in Europe and the UK's largest online bookstore, which has more than one million subscribers. Those who buy the book from The Book Depository exempted from postage.

Amazon's recent successful push ebook sales. Kindle sales surpassed sales of hardcover books in July 2010 and paperback books in early January. Five months later, Kindle books go beyond the books hardback and paperback!

The Book Depository, on the other hand, the business model is built from the "long tail", its website says, "of 30 million titles ever printed in English, only a few are printed again. We are looking more likely the title again." For books out of print, this English bookstore reprint these books through Dodo Press theirs, who has scored 15,000 book titles.

Apparently there was no relationship between the two brands, but also not seen Amazon's new purchases will combine into a larger infrastructure in the near future. The Book Depository to send Twitter messages that they will continue operating independently.

PaidContent author Ingrid Lunden see Amazon's acquisition of The Book Depository as a sign that Amazon is trying to sell self-published books rather than a seller of books from a third party.

Not yet clear is whether Amazon will continue to eliminate the cost of shipping the Book Depository to more than 100 countries, and whether The Book Depository will manage the Long Tail model or maintain the focus became a bestseller.

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