Monday, July 11, 2011

Apple Develop Method Pour, centile and Blow Data

Researchers at Apple apparently are designing a variety of data transfer between iPhone, iPad or Mac. One of them, by pouring the liquid motion.

Yan thus revealed from Apple's patent filing is done, as quoted from TheRegister, Monday (11/07/2011).

Movement is done by holding the iPhone pour over the iPad supine on the table. When the iPhone is tilted, such as pouring the contents of the glass, then the data will fall into the iPad.

Not only the movement, the animation was already prepared. Icons in the iPhone, for example, will move as if pulled by gravity. Later in the iPad target icon will appear to float.

Another motion filed in the patent that is flicked. This is done with a flicked or pushing data icon on the iPhone screen or other device iPad direction.

Perhaps most interesting is the type of the third movement, which is blowing. Align the two devices want to exchange data, blow one of them towards the second device, and data will be 'flying' over there.

In addition to data transfer, the patent also indicates the use of movement to other functions. For example, lifting the iPhone into the air like a torch to connect to the network.

Will the patent is embodied in Apple products? Can ya, can not. Because of all this anyway many patents that Apple eventually be limited to filing patents.

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