Friday, July 22, 2011

applications Google Plus for the iPhone and Android Now Available

Plus Google's formal application for the iPhone are already available. This application is a free download from the AppStore.

This list of Google applications Plus feature on the iPhone with its description.

1) Circles Circles lets you divide things important to people right.

2) Stream Stream is the place where you got the latest things from your circle or see someone deliver things that are close.

3) Huddle Huddle is a super-fast group messages in your circle.

applications Google+ on Android Market Also Still Restricted

Shortly after launch the Google
+ of social networking  is limited, the application to access the service on smartphones already available in the Android Market. However, sepertia as services, the application is also not accessible in all countries. For the User Android in Indonesia, please be patient.

Kompasianer who diligently analyze the latest digital technology information Kimi Raikko reported that in the Android Market, Google + application to obtain a fairly good rating. Ratings obtained on Tuesday (04/07/2011) was 4.4. A total of 6411 who download this application to give five stars, as many as 1730 people give four stars, and as many as 610 people gave three stars. This application has already been downloaded between 100,000 to 500,000 times.

Demos are uploaded on YouTube showing that the application is running very well. Android version of the required minimum is version 2.1 or Eclair. These applications are just a few days at the Android Market. However, these applications look good, ranging from speed, simple, and beautiful display, will be rival Facebook application for Android already available for some time in the Android Market?

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