Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cinderella Law troubling Online Gamer South Korea

South Korean government issued several policies related to online games that are considered devastating for its users. The aim is both reducing dependency on online games that are considered to be a latent problem in the developed world's.

Regulation, dubbed "Cinderella Law" that forced the players under their game to finish the session so after midnight. It was included in the midnight blackout policy that applies to players under the age of so beyond 24.00. That rule also includes a "decrease speed" the speed of the connection will be deliberately lowered dramatically when the user is connected in a certain time.

Are the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism that sparked this idea. The goal is to prevent underage players to play online games that many are known to create addiction.

This program targets 19th title role-playing game that already represent 79 percent of the domestic online gaming market over there for example, "Barameui Nara", "Maple Story" and "Mabinogi". For a while, only four titles are subject to the program as "Dungeon & Fighter" maupaun "Dragon Nest".

Excerpted from The Korea Herald, the policy was taken due to concerns that young people increasingly entangled with the Korean online gaming addiction. Emerging cases of people dying as a result spent many days without a break just to play games online. Until the tragic story of a newborn due to starvation due to neglect of parents who are busy playing online games.

Meanwhile, the regulation had a strong reaction. Society calling itself the Korean Game Industry Association (KAOGI) prepares to register a claim to the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to issue these regulations.

KAOGI argue, though well-intentioned regulation, has surpassed the basic principle of the state constitution that guarantees happiness, freedom, and decency. In addition, they protested the regulations only apply to companies from Korea but does not include companies other than that.

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