Monday, July 04, 2011

Cloud Control Through Robot Technology iPad

The era of robotic cloud in Indonesia has begun. Not only for the operational needs of the company. Cloud can also be used for robotics research. World Robotic Explorer (wre) shows cloud robotic platform that it developed in a press conference last week in the City wre Thamrin, Central Jakarta.

Cloud robot is a robot with a "brain" in the "cloud" or outside the body and the operation of Internet-based. This development could make robots more infinite capabilities and developed without the need to create a new physical robots.

Wre developed robotic platform has a triangular shape and moves with the wheel. "Later, we can develop this platform to shape what we want according to function," says Jully Tjindrawan, founder wre.

Calling one of the possible functions, Jully says, "For example we can create robots that serve drinks, we'll live for his body, and is equipped with a tray. But still motion-based wheels, not running"

Cloud platform that controlled the robot indicated by iPad. Users simply tilting the iPad to the right, left, front and rear to make the robot move in that direction. In addition, the robot could also make a circular motion.

Jully says, robot platform was developed with a variety of operating systems. "What we show is a programmable robot platform Mac understand the language. We also developed based on Android and Microsoft," said Jully.

Robot platform developed at the lab in Singapore is one of the Research & Development Home Robot. According Jully, to develop a robotic platform, the cost required approximately USD 60 million.

Jully hope, the robotic platform can spur the younger generation, especially those interested in robotics, for further work. "When they heard this, they can be encouraged to develop. This could be a spirit," said Jully.
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