Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ESPN Presents Games Facebook for Sports Fans

ESPN, apparently interested in reaching the realm of social networking games more widely. Cable TV network sports events from the United States (U.S.) released their latest social game called ESPN Sports Bar & Grill to spoil sports fans.

Excerpted from Mashable, Wednesday (07/20/2011), games played on Facebook and co-developed game maker Playdom commissioned players run a virtual sports bar.

Interestingly, electronics manufacturer Samsung co-sponsor of this game. That is why, the Samsung logo and the various products, including Galaxy, integrated in the game.

In this game, players are asked to serve its patrons by serving food and beverages. Level of difficulty will be continually added at each level until the player can solve all the challenges and winning collection of sports objects.

Players can also decorate their bar and creating a sense of 'sport' is thick like turning on a radio show featuring ESPN or sports on the Samsung TV is provided in the bar.

ESPN Sports Bar & Grill is a social game with sports entertainment brand that made both ESPN with Playdom. The first game, ESPNU College Town has made ​​its debut in September last year. The game was played by 582 thousand active players each month and 60 thousand people playing it every day.

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