Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Humanoid robotic patient helps dentist learn

A Japanese robot manufacturer has built a robotic patient, and it's just life-like enough it's almost disturbing. This robotic dentist patient will move her tongue away from a whirring drill as a nervous patient; she also gets tired of keeping her mouth open and even reacts if you slide an instrument down her throat. She’s called  ”Showa Hanako 2″

“If you don’t try to make a robot’s face look realistic, it doesn’t have the same effect on users psychologically,” Koutaro Maki, a professor at Showa University, tells Wired. Its is important that the robotic patient looks and feels as real as possible, it should even put out the right emotions at the right time. In the end the student should feel that the robotic patient is an actual a human patient, if yes ,it has achieved its goal.

And yes Hanako will go sale in Japan later this year, before being exported to countries around the world.

With robonaut at the ISS and hanako 2 at the medical center we will soon see robotic technology everywhere, the future is coming sooner than you think.

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I didn't know they had plans to mass produce Hanako. But I have to say, that is a good idea. It can definitely improve the dental industry as many aspiring dentists can now practice their skills under the most realistic conditions.

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