Saturday, July 02, 2011

IBM Develops 100 times faster Speed Flash Memory

IBM is rumored to have developed a memory technology that can be 100 times faster than Flash. Going to be a substitute for flash?

The technology developed is a PCM (phase change memory). It is said that this technology is capable of performing a read-write 100 times faster than the Flash technology that exist today.

Not only that, the PCM technology is also more durable with the writing cycle millions of times. While Flash now only survive in the thousands.

The technology is based alloys (alloy) that can be converted into a variety of physical conditions (phase / phases) with bursts of electricity. In the past, this technology can not be developed properly due to rapidly develop resistance to electrical current. Another drawback of PCM in the past is the ability of each cell can only store one bit of data.

Now, IBM claims to have managed to overcome those weaknesses. Besides being more reliable, each PCM cell is now capable of storing four bits of data.

So far PCM dikembangakn IBM is still at laboratory stage. The technology is expected to bring changes in 2016, when she began attending as a product at the user level (both consumer and corporate

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