Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two Leading Solutions at SAP World Tour 2011

SAP World Tour 2011 theme "Better Run" was taken to introduce solutions offer SAP services at more than 200 users of SAP solutions which 50 percent are small and medium businesses. Shyam Baddepudi, Acting MD of SAP Indonesia explains, there are two solutions are the mainstay of SAP in this arena. "First is the mobility solution. This will help unwiring the enterprises so as to facilitate and speed up decision making," said Baddepudi. Baddepudi say, so far most of the data locked in the office and can only be accessed in the office. SAP mobility solutions assist managerial level within the company so that it can access data via mobile devices that can be done anywhere. "The second solution is HANA which is a real time analytics. There are a lot of data that must be analyzed and a decision must be made quickly. This solution helps analyze in real time. It's based on the latest in memory technology," explained Baddepudi. Baddepudi said the solution offered by SAP will help the company to be better in 4 ways. All four are the ability to collaborate, a better adaptability, decision-making faster and more efficient operation. Tim Moylan, President of SAP Southeast Asia, said, changes in the business world today takes place very rapidly and began to transform the world. Mobility, analytics, and the cloud is being evolved into a reality in information technology. "To remain competitive, companies need innovations such as mobility, on demmand computing services and in memory so that they stay ahead of the competition and meet the company's ongoing strategy," said Moylan.

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