Sunday, June 17, 2012

Apple Official 'Divorce' Google Maps

San Francisco - Apple IOS-6 has been introduced. The presence of this new mobile operating system marks the loss of our Google Maps service applications are replaced by Apple's own products.

Yes, according to predictions that have been circulated widely, IOS 6 no longer use Google Maps. As quoted from the BBC, Tuesday (06/12/2012), Apple replaced it with three-dimensional map service sophisticated homemade claimed.

Terdepaknya Google Maps considered as a separate loss for Google. For about half the traffic from the mobile version of Google Maps from your Apple device.

Then what is the reason Apple ejecting Google Maps? The transition to the service itself is assessed map makes Apple better have plenty of opportunities to make money. Moreover, to avoid dependence from Google who later became his main rival in the mobile device market.

"What happens if one day Google decided to no longer provide a map for Apple? You can not have such dependence on competitors," said Colin Gillis, an analyst at BGC Partners.

Apple has made ​​a map that displays the city Flyover features in three dimensions. There are also traffic updates in real time and turn by turn navigation. IOS six reportedly can be downloaded in September 2012.

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