Friday, June 15, 2012

Man sues Apple over broken Time Capsule

Backing up your data is a crucial task that no one should take lightly. So is it really that hard to believe that a man in British Columbia is suing Apple for $25,000 because his three year old Apple Time Capsule went kaput?

Perminder Tung of Surrey, B.C. had backups of two computers and his iPhone being synced to his Time Capsule. Earlier this month, the unit refused to turn on and he called Apple Support, who did not provide any help as the unit was out of warranty. When he took the unit down to his local Apple store, a Genius there said that there have been defects with the Time Capsule line before, but that Tung’s unit was not part of a series of units that had been recalled previously. The units in question would not turn on or randomly shut down.

It’s debatable whether Tung will get anywhere with his case or not, but the Time Capsule line has in the past been the common target of legal battles, with several users being frustrated after they faced similar issues of the drives not powering on or suddenly calling it quits.

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