Thursday, July 05, 2012

Bill Gates: “Steve Jobs deserves to be remembered”

Back in June, Malcolm Gladwell, a best selling author, quite naively (in my opinion) proclaimed that 50 years from now, the world remember Bill Gates for his charity work, but will forget who Steve Jobs was. In fact, he predicts a world where there will be statues of Bill Gates across the third world”.

But what does Bill Gates himself think of that claim? In an interview with PC Mag, Gates shared his opinion on the matter, once again strengthening the belief that despite his competitive blood, he always had, and still has, a great amount of respect for Steve Jobs and his work.

“Steve Jobs did phenomenal work, both when I partnered with him and when Microsoft competed with him, and that deserves to be remembered,” Gates said.

That’s an incredible statement to make, especially since Steve Jobs never showed any kindness towards Bill Gates and his work. He might have secretly shared the same level of respect, but Jobs never acknowledged it in public. In his official biography, Jobs even lashed out against Gates saying he was unimaginative” and ripped off other people’s ideas”, which is why he now comfortable in philanthropy than technology”.

Regardless, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both played a huge role in shaping the technology industry and making it what it is today. While Gates brought practicality to personal computers with an intuitive, GUI-driven operating system with Windows, Steve Jobs revolutionized the music industry with the iPod and iTunes, and re-invented and re-introduced smartphones and tablet-PCs that are changing the way we are connecting to each other. To say that these achievements will be disregarded in the future is certainly naive. Bill Gates will probably still remain a mainstream name, but I really doubt Jobs contribution will be completely forgetten.

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