Monday, July 30, 2012

Meet Kuratas, the $1.35 million mech of your dreams

If you’ve watched Transformers far too many times, then this story is for you. Got a spare $1 million under your couch? Then you could be the proud owner of Kuratas, the 4.5 ton diesel-powered monstrosity that will make your the envy of your neighborhood. That is, after your blow it all up.

Built by Suidobashi Heavy Industries, the mech has enough room inside to house a human pilot, along with driving controls and mechanisms to control the robot’s gigantic arms. Best of all, the robot is weaponized, and comes with such fun accessories as a gatling gun that’s activated by smiling. Yes, this thing makes Dr. Evil look like one of the Carebears.

Watch the utterly hilarious instructional video below, and start saving up!

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