Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anonymous claims to have hacked NATO-servers

Allegedly stole one gigabyte of data - challenge to governments

After the arrest of 21 alleged hackers web rebels go on the offensive: Anonymous will be entered into computers by NATO. In a statement, the governments of the fight will be announced.

The targeted by U.S. authorities Advised hacker group Anonymous has hacked the website claims to NATO and stolen large amounts of confidential data. "We now have a gigabyte of data to NATO ', Anonymous said Thursday on the Internet messaging service Twitter. A gigabyte is approximately the amount of information that is contained in 700 books. Most of the documents could not be published because it "irresponsible" would be said Anonymous.

Two documents published

In other Twitter messages sent to group web links to a non-secret document from 2002 on measures of computer security and on a document that is confidential and is intended to refer to NATO operations in Kosovo. The latter could not be opened. NATO confirmed the authenticity of the documents are not investigated, however, claims to the claims made by Anonymous.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation had announced on Tuesday to have arrested 16 suspects in several states of the hacker group. Another five hackers were thus taken in Great Britain and the Netherlands. Anonymous had become acquainted with online attacks on opponents of Internet disclosure Wikileaks. Off attacks against Visa and the Internet payment service PayPal started, after it had suspended its cooperation with Wikileaks.
"Struggle" against the government's continued

Attack on Thursday said the hacker group Anonymous and LulzSec on Twitter, despite the actions of U.S. authorities web sites of government agencies and companies to want. The "struggle" would continue against the government, "the lie to their people and frighten them, fear and terror to control them and restrict their civil rights piece by piece."

Even companies that cooperated with the governments here are "our enemies". Arrests of hackers would do nothing, eventually could be "an idea" can not be arrested. LulzSec had initially attacked websites with video games, then later pages of government institutions and media.

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