Sunday, July 10, 2011

Apple Disallow Companies Use the App Store

Apple Back Disallow Companies Use the App Store
Apple's attempt to master the use of the word 'app store' return indicated by prohibiting other companies use the word for shop application.

After the Amazon, this time the target object to Apple is a company regarded veteran in the business of mobile applications and games retailer, GetJar.

Apple-appointed lawyer known to have sent an objection letter to GetJar. But apparently this letter also to the hands of the Wall Street Journal.

Strangely, though peddling the application, GetJar itself arguably not really use the 'app store' for not displaying the word in question is clearly on its website.

But it is a company that began operating since 2005 selling application that sometimes uses the word 'world's largest app store' in marketing materials.

Getjar CEO Ilja Laurs asserted, it was not affected at all with Apple's request and will continue to use the word 'app store' to describe the business that they do.

"GetJar has been in business since 2005, and has helped give meaning to the public on the app store until this day," said Laurs, quoted from Cellular News, Sunday (10/07/2011).

"We have a strong business model and continue to grow globally, and will continue to use the phrase 'app store' to describe what we do," he concluded.

Previously, a request the court to force Apple to Amazon com to no longer use the name 'app store' is rejected.

IPad is the iPhone's manufacturer and retail sites do not accept the use of the name of the App Store in one of its products so violates Apple's trademark.

Apple is also asking a federal judge in Oakland, California, United States (U.S.) to issue orders to the Amazon to stop using the name. But Amazon is a argument against the accusation that the app store is a generic term and therefore could not be protected as trademarks.

App Store service is closely related to Apple. So no wonder if the producers were worried about the iPhone and iPad app store by the use of names of other companies could lead to wrong perceptions of consumers. In addition they have also registered the trademark 'App Store' in the United States.

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