Tuesday, July 12, 2011

iPad Can Used in aircraft cockpit

Pilot Kelly Caglia bring iPad in Boeing 777 cockpit.
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted certification to be used iPad pilots in the cockpit of the aircraft in the United States. The New York Times quoted 9to5mac dot com reports that the FAA had allowed some commercial flights and private operators to use the tablet computer as an electronic flight bag.

The iPad is certainly not intended to be played Angry Birds pilots when controlling the aircraft. iPad will replace at least some of the tools that consist of printed manuals, safety checklists, logbooks, navigation charts, weather information, and airport diagrams. With the use of the iPad, the equipment mentioned above will soon dimuseumkan and replaced with an electronic board which contains an elegant application that makes the cockpit of a plane completely without paper (paperless).

Private pilots are also allowed to bring iPad supported hundreds of general aviation applications to facilitate the planning before the flight and assist in flight operations. With this authorization means the iPad has been cleared of devices that could interfere with aviation.

As known, electronic devices suspected of having contributed to the disruption to flights. Therefore, the iPad will be used has been cleaned beforehand. The pilot does not need to turn off and save the iPad during takeoff and landing because the iPad will not interfere with aircraft electronic functions.

Actually the use of aviation iPad is nothing too weird. Since November of 2010, the United States Navy pilot has used iPad iPad and 2 with digital maps that allow pilots to find the area marked on the screen rather than flipping through the heavy maps inside the cramped cockpit of the aircraft as the AH-1W Cobra planes and the F/A-18 Hornet. In the same month, the Singapore Armed Forces and the navy also formally use the iPad. A total of 8000 iPad distributed by the Government of Singapore.

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