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Products Cartridge Recycling Hewlett Packard (HP) record 1 Billion

cartridges recycled
Hewlett Packard (HP) posted a record in the production of cartridges with raw materials that can be recycled. This year, HP managed to produce 1 billion cartridges use a recycled plastic material through the method of 'closed loop' or a closed cycle.

For recycled products, HP took the Group through the LaVergne LaVergne plastics manufacturing facility in Vietnam. LaVergne expansion in Vietnam claimed to have given the HP capacity of an additional volume of plastic used in the production of Original HP cartridges.

LaVergne new factory in Vietnam will accommodate qualifying efforts in the Asia Pacific region, as well as supporting the growth of the volume of Original HP cartridges are made with a closed cycle of the recycling process.

For ease of transportation, the facility was built near the factory Original HP ink cartridges for the Asia Pacific region using local materials so as to suppress the carbon footprint of up to six percent when the facility is fully operational.

"We are excited about the collaboration with LaVergne cartridge recycling initiative in a closed cycle that will help consumers Original HP ink to reduce the impact on the environment," says Annukka Dickens, Head of Environmental Management, HP Asia Pacific and Japan.

LaVergne is known as a manufacturing process recycling industry's first closed cycle. It combines recycled plastic with Original HP ink cartridges of other materials such as mineral water bottles in the manufacture of new Original HP cartridges. More than 1 billion Original HP ink cartridges have been manufactured from plastic RPET process results in a closed cycle since the initiative began in 2005.

From the experience gained through RPET program, in 2009 HP introduced the solution of a closed cycle of polypropylene plastic. Since the program was initiated, 20 million cartridges have been manufactured from polypropylene closed cycle process. In cartridges that use recycled materials, 70 percent of material made from recycled material.

In 2010, HP and LaVergne worked together to develop the first cartridge-degrading machines in the industry capable of more effectively separating the components of plastics, foams, inks, as well as metals from the used cartridge and produces content that can be reused with a higher percentage. This success encouraged the installation of new devices in a variety of HP's recycling facilities, resulting in dramatic improvements in supply chain processes and materials recovery.

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