Tuesday, July 19, 2011

RIM Denies Cease Production WiFi Playbook

Some time ago it was rumored that the version of the Playbook blakcberry WiFi is no longer manufactured. Research In Motion (RIM) has denied these rumors by saying the company had no intention of stopping production PlayBook WiFi.

"Rumors are saying that the version of the BlackBerry Playbook WiFi is no longer produced bouquet of pure story," said a spokesman for RIM, told eWeek Wednesday (20/07/2011).

He added that during the last month RIM tablet has been launched in 16 countries and will spread to Southeast Asia, Western Europe and the Middle East.

This rumor comes from a report written by Managing Director Mike Abramsky of RBC Capital Markets. Furthermore, this report was published on the blog Boy Genius Report and technologies pushed to the public.

"Based on reports OTR Global, RIM plans to suspend production possibilities PlayBook WiFi versions currently available," the fragment content of the report.

Debut PlayBook not entirely smooth sailing. Before chastened issue, the tablet is a mainstay RIM is also briefly reported a recall of nearly 1,000 units.

But RIM still has high hopes on the iPad tablet which is prepared to challenge this. Armed with the operating system (OS) QNX, BlackBerry Playbook has sold around 500 thousand units in the first quarter of its release.

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