Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trend Micro Not Want to tolerate Ex-Hacker

Tokyo - A lot of antivirus companies and security hackers hijack computer networks as their experts. But this policy does not apply to Trend Micro. At least under the leadership of Eva Chen.

No, we will not tolerate ex-hacker in our company. If I found out there are Trend Micro's former employees hacker, I will send him away," said Eva Chen, President & CEO of Trend Micro in an interview session is limited in Tokyo, Japan, 27 - July 28, 2011.

Eva reasoned, people who had been a hacker had a bad habit that can not be tolerated, even if hackers had expressed repentance.

"Being a hacker is habit. No matter how talented he is, we still could not accept it. For, if there ex-hacker in our company, it was the same we let our company is threatened from within," he snapped.

Eva prefer employees who do have high intelligence but do not nan talented stuff.

"When I was in America, 1987, the first employee we hire one person. He's still 19 years old but already work in Oracle. This kid is really a genius. As a result, after we asked him a school where, we ask him to invite classmates to join us, "Eva said without mentioning the identity of the intended person.

Eva Hostility against hackers, it also confirms, that does not mean she wants to be an enemy of the hackers. But he more regard hackers as' tanding' his opponent.

"Our main competitors instead of Symantec, McAfee, Juniper, or other, but hackers. We must predict all the possibilities for their next step," he said.

We do not want to repeat the mistakes Sony hostile to hackers. You know how to network them paralyzed the PlayStation Network, it's because Sony prosecute hackers. As a result, fellow hacker was revenge. That's why, never the same kinds of hackers," Eva insists .

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