Friday, July 29, 2011

VooMote One, Change iPhone into Remote TV

Manufacturers based in Germany called Zero1 tv gush VooMote application called The One that can 'transform' your iPhone into a multi function controller. Not only could make an iPhone as a remote TV, applications can also arrange other electronic devices.

The VooMote One but can work in almost all models of television, he also can run on a DVD player and stereo so users need not move to exert control on those goods. Just by touching a finger to the buttons on the phone, users can run a full control.

Quoted from dailymail Thursday (07/28/2011), he worked with the help of wireless technology and capturing more than 30,000 cord infra red and hundreds of electronic devices. If total, it is compatible with 574 TV brands, 995 brand Top Box / DVR, 151 brand and CD audio.

Another convenience that can be obtained by users is that he has the features of 'Control Room' which allows users to categorize the tools that he wanted to control based on location, for example living room or kitchen. Then with the "One Touch", the user can store frequently used commands and set a number of command with just a click away.

Adding an add-on in your iPhone device will not interfere with the function of smartphones like the camera, the on / off or incoming calls. Unfortunately, the devices can also work on the iPod touch (2G-4G) is only available in the United States at a price of USD 99.

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