Friday, July 15, 2011

World's First Monitor 3D LG Without The Use Eyewear

LG Electronics announced the presence of D2000 as a 3D monitor without the use eyewear of the world's first . This device is sensor technology adopts eye tracking (eye-tracking technology).

Adoption of new technologies on the monitor screen 20 inch dimension is claimed to be able to optimize the appearance of 3D effects that users receive even though enjoyed from a wider perspective.

"LG has always had great vision that the entire device will be able to enjoy 3D without glasses help of supporters. Monitor D2000 is the most future ready on the market today," said Park Si-hwan, vice president of LG Electronics monitor division in his statement on Friday (15/7/22011).

Furthermore, he said, the development of dedicated D2000 LG monitor as a monitor with the quality of LG's best ability to support the entertainment media like watching pictures, films and computer games based 3D reproduction.

Not just frees the user from the obligation to use 3D glasses support, monitor D2000 LG also has features that do not possess the other 3D without glasses. The specialty is primarily located on the body position and the user point of view to obtain images with a 3D effect from the monitor.

Devices with 3D technology without glasses generally require the user to remain in the position of the body within a limited angle and distance to get the picture shows a 3D effect. However, technological innovations the eye tracking sensor (eye-tracking technology) D2000 LG monitor has given the progress to resolve this problem.

Working through a special camera attached to the monitor, eye-tracking sensors will detect changes in eye position in real-time user. With this information, D2000 LG monitor will calculate the angle and position of image display on the monitor to adjust the position of a person's body in front of the monitor screen that ensures users will get optimal 3D effect.

Besides that advantage, D2000 LG monitor is also equipped with technology that makes it able to convert a 2D format to 3D format. The presence became available in the Korean market in July. Unfortunately the LG still shy to reveal the price.

"By having a complete line of 3D products ranging from TVs, laptops, projectors and smartphones, LG Electronics reinforces the position as an industry leader in 3D software," said Si-hwan Park.

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