Thursday, July 21, 2011

MIG33 Seriously develop applications Mobile Gaming

Mobile community consisting of 50 million people, Mig33, formally launched a program that targeted to the developers of the game. This step is predicted to have a major impact on Indonesia will recall nearly 30 million users come from there.

From the site Venture Beat, Mei Lin Ng, Vice President of Marketing Mig33, stating that the user demographics Mig33 most loved video games. To that end, the company launched a special program to be a vehicle for users to interact via mobile game.

Utilizing network Mig33 users, application developers can create games that can be used over 800 telecom operators spread across Asia and other regions. The purpose of this program is to provide mobile gaming experience as in the United States and Japan to countries that use the Internet is still dominated by the cellular phone.

Expected from this program certainly is the income earned from transactions in these games. The trend has been demonstrated by the phenomenon of games in social media like Facebook.

Some game developers from Indonesia involved in game development for the Mig33 like Agate Studio, Anantarupa, Nightspade, Oneb1t Solutions, and Elasitas.

Mig33 originated from an aggregator application messaging services like Yahoo Messenger, which then grow and create the shape of his own community. In Indonesia, called Migers Mig33 users scattered throughout the area. Currently, the application is widely used for chatting fellow users Mig33 through chatrooms, buy gifts redeemed with real money, to dress their Awatara.

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