Sunday, February 26, 2012

Animation High-Tech Exhibition Held

Exhibition of animation and other art works are made using the latest technology opened in Tokyo on Wednesday (22/2). Japan Media Arts Festival will be held until March 4 next at the National Arts Centre, Tokyo.

Festival of the-15 has attracted over 2,700 participants from around the world, many of them are made using computer and telecommunications technology. And this festival will be very festive. The reason of the selection results will be displayed 150 works best animation from various countries.

As reported in NHK on Tuesday (21/2), one of the work entitled "particles" have been awarded in the category of the best art events. This image was made ​​with the ball and LED technology. With a circular shape along the 8 meter, this animated picture looks very stunning with light and illusion.

Meanwhile, another work called "Balloon SPACE PROJECT" has previously been selected as the best work in the entertainment category. This work shows a balloon is inserted a smartphone that is sent into space as far as 30,000 meters from the stratosphere. This balloon has broadcast images of the Earth and space via the Internet is very amaze the audience. Projects carried out in July 2011 and has been published and seen by around 380,000 people.

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