Sunday, July 24, 2011

Introducing VMware Infrastructure Cloud computing series

VMware released the VMware solution vSphere 5 following a series of cloud computing infrastructure technology that is claimed to be able to help customers transform IT to improve investment efficiency and improve operations alacrity.

Equipped with more than 200 new capabilities, VMware vSphere 5 staying digadang can improve the performance and application availability for all business-critical applications, as well as automate the management of the centers (pool) resources expanding datacenter.

Along with this, VMware also announced VMware's product line vShield 5, vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5, and vCloud Director 1.5. The combination of three products with VMware vSphere 5 is said to bring the cloud-scale IT operations so that customers get more value from virtualization resources.

"The market has fully embraced virtualization as a key transformational technology that became the heart of a new era of computing," said Paul Maritz, VMware's CEO is quoted in his statement on Sunday (07/24/2011).

"With vSphere 5 and the circuit of this cloud infrastructure technology, VMware helps customers speed up their steps towards the cloud infrastructure more efficient and automated, reorganize and re-secure way of managing resources, and most importantly, encourage a more productive relationship between IT and the business they serve, "he added.

Chris Wolf, Research VP of Gartner adds, contextual research Gartner recently revealed that the end user organization is considering the x86 virtualization as a key foundation components of the infrastructure architecture-as-service [Infrastructure-as-a-Service] bermodelkan private clouds.

"In addition, many organizations regard x86 VM as a platform infrastructure for new applications. The cost savings and business preparedness is still the two main driving force behind investment in virtualization and cloud computing," he said.

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