Saturday, August 20, 2011

10 Factors that Make Men Sterile

Infertility or fertility disorder is not just a problem of women but also men. There are several factors that can cause fertility problems in men can cause infertility. What is it?

Within the last 50 years, male fertility is estimated to have declined about 2 percent per year. Most of fertility disorders in men is caused by wrong lifestyle choices.

Experts revealed that when a couple experiencing infertility, then the third is caused by women, one third are caused by men and one third can be caused by both.

Causes of infertility in males can be caused by genetics, but there are also related to lifestyle. Here is beebrapa things that can increase the risk of men become infertile (infertile), as quoted by FoxNews, Monday (08/15/2011), namely:

1. Genetic Disorders
A genetic mutation can eliminate carbohydrate coating around the sperm, thereby reducing its mobility. If a male inherits two genetic mutations from mother and father, then this condition will make it difficult to impregnate a partner.

2. Obesity
Has any body obesity or overweight makes your body becomes unhealthy and thus affects the function of every cell in the body, including sperm.

3. Work
Some jobs may affect the sperm count as painters, welders, builders, drivers and some office workers who sit too much because it makes the temperature rise in the scrotum.

4. alcoholics
The man who became an alcoholic will have normal cells that are 30 percent less in the semen.

5. Sexual Problems
Some sexual disorders that are owned by men such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction can make men hard female egg.

6. Smoke
One of the biggest negative impact that may be perceived by male smokers is sperm motility.

7. Malnutrition
To have healthy sperm, then the required intake of nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc, vitamin E and beta carotene are sufficient.

8. Exposure to toxic substances
Frequent exposure to such toxic substances contained in pesticides or lead paint can damage sperm.

9. Using marijuana or other drugs
Men who use drugs like marijuana or others can reduce the total number of sperm and semen volume than it has.

10. Often a laptop
If you frequently use a laptop, you should put on the table or use the coating, because a laptop can increase the temperature in the scrotum that affects the quality of sperm.

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