Wednesday, August 24, 2011

5 Tips for Preventing Malware Safe on Facebook

Facebook popularity provoked interest in the cyber criminals to spread malicious programs on the social networking site. Sensational video titles often fooling users, but it's just a trap.

Here are 5 tips for safe quoted just went from the security firm Eset, Friday (19/08/2011).

1. Always use security software on a computer, equipped with high performing antivirus, and do not forget to always update it.

2. Always be aware if there is a suspicious conversation. Example, chat with a foreign language and a strange arrangement of letters.

3. Avoid clicking on strange links. Typically, related porn videos and other things it called sensational.

4. Adjust the level of security and privacy settings on social networking sites.

5. There are many applications that are published by third parties as a result of work of the suspected perpetrators of cyber crimes and go as spam in the user's computer. So you must not download applications that are not clear origin.

An examination of social phenomena in the recent era, it is not surprising that the developers of malware and then take advantage of social networking sites to spread malicious programs.

"One example is attached in our memory is a Trojan identified as Koobface trojan variant by a sharp infiltration,"

"The motive of the Trojan Koobface is getting attention by sending messages of course to attract the attention of facebook users. Then the malware will create a botnet or a zombie network that can be remotely controlled and governed by the perpetrators of cybercrime," he concluded.

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