Tuesday, August 02, 2011

9 Tips for Safe Pioneering Online Dating

Internet is now more than just information providers. Through advances in technology are generated, the Internet is also quite qualified as a medium to seek idol of the heart.

However, users should also be careful. Listen 9 tips for safe online dating pioneer, quoted from Internet Safety, Tuesday (08/02/2011):

1. Dating Site
If you want to use a dating site, make sure that the site has a good reputation. Safety measures that need to be ascertained is, do not let your personal data should be confidential diumbar by such sites.

Spend a little time to read the privacy statement on the site and there's nothing wrong also to compare several dating sites.

2. Do Fishing
Be sure to use the profile name, a description of the data themselves, as well as photos that really describes you. Do not wear provocative accounts that are only intended to provoke interest from the opposite sex.

3. Limit Reveals Identity
It is better not to use your full name on the account dating site. This also applies to phone numbers and residential address, do diumbar.

4. Realistic
Read the profiles of the opposite sex that makes you interested in carefully. If you've started to pioneer the interaction, ask a simple question first. Trust your instincts.

If the other person is too aggressive and always wanted to go into your private life, is better avoided. Observe the signs are less well of him, like tempramental, possessive, and not a good listener.

5. Coffee Land
If in interacting in the world you're feeling confident with his partner, it could not hurt to continue into the real world. But there are some things to consider:
-. Choose a meeting location in busy public places, such as in cafes, restaurants in malls and other public places. Avoid to make ground coffee in your home, especially at home himself.
-. No need to transfer shuttle and let your plan to a friend. If necessary, ask the company of close friends.

6. Leave Only
If the online partner been considered obnoxious and corrupt, you can just leave it immediately. No need to be complicated as relationships in the real world. Some dating sites even been equipped with features to block someone.

7. Do not be a fool in love
Falling in love is millions of taste, especially if it considers him as the right people. But do not let those feelings to lull you to forget yourself. Feet on the ground remain alert alias. Anything can happen, especially in cyberspace.

8. The Predator Report
A good dating site should have a quality control on site. Such as providing access to report abuse of the Internet predators or prankster.

9. Money Transfer
If the gebetan have started to ask for the transfer of money you should be very vigilant. Therefore, many incidents of fraud with online dating appendage that ends just used as a means to take action deception. Not just on dating sites, in social networking like Facebook was already endemic.

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