Saturday, August 06, 2011

Carefully, 23.7 Percent Malware Comes from Email

Anyone know how many computer viruses in the world today? More than 240 million, and one of Malware that directly contaminate other files when an infected file.

According to Symantec Intellegence Report, about 23.7 percent of malware was arrested in July came from an email, that number had more than doubled from six months ago.

Imagine! If one computer on your company's contracting and spreading malware to other computers. How much money should be spent only company to eradicate the malware.

You do not need to worry because Symantec launched the Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 to prevent various malicious virus attacks the computer company and provide security systems in real time.

"Our latest innovation (Endpoint Protection 12.1) can guarantee the security of enterprise information systems and prevent all virus attacks planned and sporadic," says Raymond Goh, Regional Technical Director of Systems Engineering Asia South Region, Symantec when it held a press conference in Jakarta on Wednesday (3 / 8).

Remarkably, there is one anti-virus feature, named Insight, a technology that cloud-based Symantec's reputation for reducing scan time by 70 per cent virus.

"Anti-virus allows the host system that is faster and more responsive so it supports the virtual density."

Insight addition, there are other features that Sonar is watching for suspicious applications and then immediately block the attack before attacking the customer's computer.

"So if there are files that a virus is suspected as the local system is directly block them," he said.

On that occasion, Edison, IT Infrastructure Manager Microsoft Infonet, a company that has adopted Endpoint Protection 12.1, said that IT security is a major factor for enterprise-scale enterprises and SMEs in securing information and infrastructure.

"Technology Insight and Sonar from the Endpoint Protection 12.1 is able to prevent an intrusion, detecting and blocking threats more quickly and accurately," he said.

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